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BSA Medical Form and Troop 191 Addendum Available 

The BSA Medical Form is not hosted on this website and can be found on the national site using this link. Additionally the troop has a Medical Form Addendum to get a better understanding of individual scout health issues. Both of these forms must be completed and submitted by Tuesday June 17th so that the troop can adequately prepare for summer camp and related activities.

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Summer Camp Extra Week 

Focused purely on having fun, unless you want merit badges. Merit badges is not the focus of this camping trip. High Adventure For the Win!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014 10:45 PM Categories: Summer Camp Summer Camping

Summer Camp Payments are Due! 

For the cheapest price register before February 7, 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014 9:21 PM Categories: Summer Camp

Troop Meeting - Summer Camp 

Reminder that the troop meeting on Thursday must be attended by a parent of every scout attending summer camp this year. Leaders will be reviewing planning for camp, the summer camp contract and answering any questions. Visit the camp website for information on prerequisites, activities your son may wish to participate in and money that will be needed for activities, snacks and merit badge requirements.

Summer Camp t-shirts will be handed out and money/forms collected for camp photos that you may wish to order. This year a form must be completed to order photos. Look for an email from Tom Curley for more information dated June 29th. Click here to view and print the form. Medical forms and copies with insurance card must be current for each scout. See email for more information.

Parents should plan on dropping their son off at the camp parking lot between 1:00 – 1:15 PM on Sunday in Class-A uniform. Scouts should not enter the Campways site until cleared by a leader. If your son was thinking about bringing electronic devices to camp you should strongly consider urging them to think again and leave these devices home. Digital cameras are fine and leaders will have cell phones for use in emergencies. Scouts will need to change for the mandatory swim test shortly after medical check in so when packing their gear swimsuits should be placed on top. When packing for camp you can review this page for helpful information.

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Summer Camp Contract 

The summer camp contract can be downloaded using this link. Each scout attending summer camp must review and sign this contract with their parents.

Posted by Tuesday, July 9, 2013 2:01 PM Categories: Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2013 

Summer Camp 2013 will be held between Sunday July 14th - Saturday July 20th, 2013 at Ockanickon Scout Reservation. The cost of camp is $349.00 if paid by February 23rd. This year the troop is able to contribute $100.00 towards the payment of camp fees reducing the cost to $249.00 for each scout in Troop 191. The troop is able to provide this contribution due to the success of recent fundraising efforts and the genorosity of corporate donations.

Each scout must complete this form to indicate if he will be attending camp with the troop this year and how they wish to pay the remaining camp fee balance. Camp fees can be paid by scout account or check made payable to Troop 191.

The troop also provides shirts for each patrol attending camp. The above form allows parents to specifcy the shirt size desired for their son.

The form and payement if applicable will be collected at the weekly troop meeting.

Posted by Wednesday, February 13, 2013 1:37 PM Categories: Summer Camp Summer Camping Troop Meeting

Summer Camp Photo Orders 

Bill Loeffler will be at the next two weekly troop meetings with summer camp photo orders. Parents that ordered photos during summer camp can pick-up their order on Thursday August 16 or 23.

Posted by Tuesday, August 14, 2012 10:33 PM Categories: Summer Camp

Medical Forms 

This is the final reminder for medical forms.

Mrs. Wilson will be available at the troop meeting on July 12 for any parent or committee member who still needs to turn in medical forms (in triplicate), along with immunization charts and copy of front and back of  insurance cards.

Please make sure forms are filled out completely and all necessary forms are turned in.

If your scout is not doing scuba or any High Adventure badge all that is needed is Part A, B and C.

Thank you and again if you have any questions or think you might be missing something please feel free to call or email Mrs. Wilson.

Also still missing a few insurance card copies from several people who turned physicals in.

Posted by Thursday, July 12, 2012 10:56 AM Categories: Summer Camp

Medication at Summer Camp 

For those of you that have a scout that is on medication and needs to take it at summer camp, the below was taken from the Ockanickon website.  Please make sure that your son’s meds are in the gallon size ziplock type of back, usually they need to be in their original containers or at least have the dosage instructions on it. Please label the bag on the outside, or I have put in a typed paper on the inside showing through, with their name, Troop 191, Campways (the campsite we are at). 

There is no need to send your scout with Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl or any of that type of OTC medicine, as it is available for them at the Health Lodge.

The medical check-in will again be at the campsite this year.  The boys will line up in last name alphabetical order and they need their meds for the check-in and that is when they are turned in.  I highly suggest not leaving camp until your child has cleared the medical check-in.  There have been times when parents have had to come back because they were missing a signature on a form.  Your scout will also have his temperature taken and if he has a fever will not be allowed to stay.  He can be brought back when his temperature returns to normal.

Note that for epi-pens and rescue inhalers and any other life threatening medications, the scout should keep one on his person and send one to the Health Lodge.

As for what happens during the week for our scouts that need to take meds, the troop leaders are provided a list of the scouts that need to go to the Health Lodge for meds and the time (morning, night, both or additional times) they need to go.  The scouts will be gathered in the morning, at night and if any other time is needed by one of the adults and they will go to the health lodge.


Medication Stored by Health Lodge

During check-in, Scouts with medication will have their medications placed into a gallon size plastic bag labeled with their name, troop number and campsite, all of which will be known upon arrival to the med recheck site. There are several stock medications in the Health Office so you do not have to pack basic medication (this does not include over the counter allergy medication). The nurse asks that if someone is on emergency inhalers or has an epi-pen that they provide one for the Health Office and keep one on their person and please let their unit leader know. Storing camper medication is a National Policy not a choice of Ockanickon and we are not permitted to allow campers to hold their medications except in the case of emergency medications like an epipen or fast-acting heart medication. Medications Storage-All medication must be checked in at the Health Lodge upon arrival at camp. Each person must check in his or her own medication which will be kept in the Health Lodge under lock and key. The Health Lodge has refrigerated storage facilities for medicines that must be kept cold. Medication TimesMorning medications will be given out from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM and evening medications will be given out from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Campers who need medication at other times please review your medication schedule with the Health Officer on the first full day of your stay. Each Camper who checks their medication into the Health Lodge will have a medication number written on their bracelet. Campers can speed up receiving their medication by using this number. Troops will receive a list of what campers take medication when within a day of arrival. Having a leader check with their Scouts that they’ve taken their medication is strongly recommended. Returning Medications- All medications and the plastic bags will be returned to one adult leader from the Troop on Saturday morning from 7AM to 9AM. Exceptions are made for when the Scout leaves earlier in the week.

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Platform Build at Ockanickon Scout Reservation 

Due to the growth in the number of scouts in troop 191 attending summer camp this year we must construct five new tent platforms to accommodate our scouts. We will head over to Ockanickon on Saturday June 2 to build the platforms at the Campways site. Volunteers should meet at the Bethlehem Township Community Center at 7:00 AM. Need to bring work gloves and branch cutters.

There is no online signup for this activity. Mr. Smith has a paper signup at the troop meeting for interested volunteers. See Mr. Smith for more information.

Posted by Wednesday, May 30, 2012 9:31 PM Categories: Summer Camp
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