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Summer Camp Pre-requirements 

Only 1 week left until summer camp.
As you complete your pre-reqs, please remember to put the following on every page of paper you have to hand in:

Troop 191 – Campways
Merit Badge requirement number

In addition, you should either bring 2 copies of your pre-reqs, one to hand into the counselor and one to have in your trunk in case the one for the counselor is misplaced (this has happened many times before), and/or store an extra copy on a flash drive and take that to camp with you.  There are computer and printers there if needed, but this is only for your second copy.

Scouts doing cit in Community, you must print out your presentation and take all of the pages with you, I believe it’s requirement 8. In the past the room hasn’t been set up for a video presentation.

Posted by Thursday, July 7, 2011 8:53 AM Categories: Requirements Summer Camp

Saint Ann's Vacation Bible School Volunteer Service Hours 

Our charter organization Saint Ann's Church has Vacation Bible School between July 11-15 from 9 AM - 12:15 PM. This is an excellent opportunity for scouts to support our charter organization and complete service hours. Volunteers can be all days, part days and set-up prior to the event. A volunteer form is available from the troop website document library using this link.

Posted by Wednesday, June 22, 2011 12:56 PM Categories: Requirements Service Hours

Summer Camp Prerequisite Checklist 

Mrs. Zalewski has created a checklist for scouts attending summer camp to track their Merit Badge Prerequisite requirements. The checklist is an Excel document available in the Document Library. Scouts should visit the Documents tab then click the Summer Camp Checklist link to download the document. Once you have the document open it using Excel and follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Merit Badge Checklist you are taking using the Tabs at the bottom.
  2. Print the checklist (be careful not to print the entire document; only print the checklists you need)
  3. Complete the prerequisites.
  4. Review the completed prerequisites and the checklist with a parent.
  5. The parent will sign off that all of the pre-requirements are complete for the merit badge.
  6. Scouts will bring the prerequisites and parent signed off checklist form to a scout meeting for a troop leader to look over and sign off.

Scouts or parents may contact Mrs. Zalewski or Mrs. Garvey with any questions or concerns. 

Posted by Tuesday, June 14, 2011 7:42 AM Categories: Requirements Summer Camp

Catholic Boy Scout Religious Emblems 

Catholic boys entering grades 7 thru 12 are invited to discuss the requirements for the Ad Altare and Pope Pius programs on Tuesday, June 21 at 7:30 PM in the undercroft of Immaculate Conception Church, Annandale.

All scouts (and troop planning workshops) are encouraged to reserve April 13-15, 2012 for the Annual Diocesan Boy Scout Retreat.

Adult scouters interested in working on the retreat committee may contact Nora at 735-9520.

Posted by Tuesday, June 14, 2011 7:28 AM Categories: Requirements

May PLC Notes 

June 2: Mr. E in library, Tenderfoot Req. #9, Electricity MB

June 9: Fitness, Electricity MB

June 16: Flag Raising, Fusing Rope, Whipping Rope

June 23: Mr. Rusnock Climbing MB, Lightweight Stove, Tenderfoot Req. 11, Second Class Req. 6, First Class Req. 6

June 30: Mr. Rusnock Climbing MB, Pre-req Review

Posted by Thursday, June 2, 2011 5:26 PM Categories: Merit Badge PLC Requirements Troop Meeting

Five Mile Hike on Sunday June 5 

A five mile hike has been scheduled for Sunday June 5. The hike will be conducted by Mr. Smith and Mr. Garvey at Merrill Creek Reservoir in Washington NJ. The first mile will concentrate on compass work followed by the remaining four miles on the Perimeter Trail. A permission form is available in the website document library and scouts should meet at the Ethel Hoppock Middle School at 12 noon and plan on a 4:00 PM return.

Posted by Thursday, June 2, 2011 8:09 AM Categories: Requirements

BSA Swim Test for Scouts 

This is for any scout that is planning to attend the May 1st White Water Rafting Trip or the adults and scouts going on the Key West Trip.

All of the adults and scouts going on the Key West trip MUST take or re-take the BSA swim test.  It does not matter if you passed the swim test at summer camp last year, you must take it again.

Any Scout planning to attend the White Water rafting trip that has not passed or taken the BSA swim test at last year's summer camp, must pass this swim test to go on the trip. 

This test will be on Monday, April 4th at the RVCC pool.  Those that need to go will meet at the Hoppock School at 5:30 and the group will return 9-9:30 at the latest.  The cost is $5 per person taking the test and parents will need to help with the transportation of the scouts to and from RVCC.  A sign up sheet will be at this weeks and next weeks scout meetings, which will be held at the Community Center (aka old municipal building).  If you will not be at the meetings to sign up, please call Mr. Smith.

BSA Swim Test Requirements:   Jump feet first into water over your head in depth, swim 75 yards in a strong manner using one or more of the following strokes: sidestroke, breaststroke, trudgen, or crawl; then swim 25 yards using an easy, resting backstroke.  The 100 yards must be swum continuously and include at least one sharp turn.  After completing the swim, rest by floating. 

It might we wise to take your scout for some swimming practice before this test so they are confident in passing it.

Posted by Tuesday, March 15, 2011 11:07 PM Categories: Requirements

Service Hours Opportunity at Heritage Park 

Saturday November 6th we will have an opportunity for additional service hours at the tree buffer at Heritage Park.

This is a short one between 1 and 3PM in the afternoon. Couple weeks ago several scouts signed up, please confirm that you are still attending so I know to wait for you. Other scouts that wish to participate can also reply to me. We’ll meet at the trail head near the parking lot. This is likely the last opportunity this year. Thanks to everyone that helped during the last tree buffer and Election Night opportunity.

Posted by Friday, November 5, 2010 11:27 AM Categories: Requirements Service Hours
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