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This area provides information for parents and scouts about available signups for events or activities that Troop 191 is conducting. In this area you will find information about the event or activity and instructions for how to signup and prepare for the activity.

For some activities you will be able to signup through a form available on this page while others may direct you to the Calendar Page where you will find the activity on the calendar and click the link to access the registration information. Announcements about events or activities will be communicated on the News section of the website and via email.

The signup capability is only available to registered users of this website that are signed into the site. If you see a login dialog on this page then you are not signed in and may sign-in now.

Additionally access to some content on this site may be limited to parents and scouts of Troop 191.

Remember scouts are required to be prepared for their trip and should have:

***************Permission Slip For Event****************


Rain Gear

Extra Clothes


Water Bottle


Personal First Aid Kit

Backpack/Day pack