Troop Meeting Reminders for April 19

Now that recent crossover scouts have settled into the routine we'll refrain from packing your inbox with messages and only send email for urgent matters.

Parents and Scouts can always check the troop website for news and reminder information such as this.

  • Last call for Summer Camp at the current rate. We must submit our roster to OSR before April 24th so Mr. Smith would like to get this wrapped up. Signups are online and a form may be printed and submitted with payment at the troop meeting.
  • Signups for two water activities are available online, these are the whitewater rafting trip on April 29th (last call also) and the overnight camping and canoe trip on May 18 – 19th. Signups for both of these events has been light. Right now the canoe trip has only two individuals attending, the scout the volunteered to manage this trip and our Scoutmaster. They are going to be very lonely out there so please check your calendars and availability and consider these events. Both of these events were requested by the scouts during the troop annual planning.
  • Scouts that received a troop shirt during the family dinner that did not fit should bring it to the troop meeting. Mr. Loeffler will be collecting these shirts and also the size that you need. The troop will obtain replacements and distribute as soon as possible.
  • Reminder for scouts attending the Middle School Technology Design Challenge in Bridgewater this weekend; information and permission form was distributed by Mrs. Bernick via email. The permission form is also available online.
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